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A Simple Moral Code: The Nine Noble Virtues and Nine Charges

Posted by Vithur Odinson on February 13, 2010 at 2:26 PM

As Odinists we should all strive to live our lives in accordance with the Noble Virtues and the Nine Charges.


The Nine Noble Virtues

Courage Truth Honor

Fidelity Discipline Hospitality

Industriousness Self-Reliance Perserverance

The Nine Charges

1. To maintain candour and fidelity in love and devotion to the tried friend:

though he strike me I will do him no scathe

2. Never to make wrongsome oath: for great and grim is the reward for

breaking of plighted troth.

3. To deal not hardly with the humble and lowly.

4. To remember the respect that is due to great age.

5. To suffer no evil to go unremedied and to fight against the enemies of family,

nation, race and faith: my foes I will fight in the field nor be burnt in my house.

6. To succour the friendless but put no faith in the pledged word of a stranger


7. If I hear the fool's word of a drunken man I will strive not: for many a grief and

the very death grow out of such things.

8. To give kind heed to dead men: straw dead, sea dead or sword dead.

9. To abide bythe enactments of lawful authority and to bear with courage the

decrees of the Norns.


Simple rules to live by that will not only enable you to be a good Odinist but a decent human being.

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1 Comment

Reply Ingvar Rurikovich Vidfari
11:03 AM on November 9, 2012 
jt is refreshing to find a group that values the values of our ancestors. Though the 9s are a modern creation i believe they accurately reflect the moral standard of our noble ancestors. I've meet too many "modernized" heathens of late that either ignore these values our only give them lip service. i look forward to meeting you all to see these values reflected in your deeds.

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