Odinsvin Kindred

Michigan Asatru
Heathens in Metro-Detroit


We will be posting the next meet and Greet soon. Look for it to occur in Mid August.


We are a group of folkish Asatruer living in Southeast Michigan who are looking to purchase a few acres of land to establish Odinsvin Hof (Temple of the Friends of Odin). We are currently working towards our 501 (c) (3) status so we can accept donations and they can be tax deductible. We are a non-affiliated organization with a few members who belong to the Odinic-Rite, the Troth and the AFA and are open to anyone that supports the goal of restoring our Cultural Tradition.  Email odinsvinhof@gmail.com for more information.

What is Odinsvin Kindred, what are our goals and aims?  Odinsvin Kindred is a collection of people all working towards similar goals.  Odinsvin Hof is the home of the Odinsvin Kindred. We are not affiliated with any of the large Odinic/Asatru groups, but we do work closely with a few of them on various projects.  The individuals working towards the permanent establishment of Odinsvin Hof live in Southern Michigan, Northern Ohio and Eastern Indiana.  We try to live our lives by what we call THE NINES (click to find out more), the Nine Noble Virtues, the Nine Charges and the Aesirian Code of Nine.

What Odinsvin Kindred is not? Odinsvin Kindred is not a political group it is a religious organization. Just as any Catholic church will have members of different political tendencies so will the members of the Kindred. Members are free to hold whatever political view they want as long as it does not interfere with the goals of the Kindred.

What does Odinsvin mean? Odinsvin translates into "Friends of Odin".

Our immediate goal is to become an incorporated Religous Organization and to obtain 501 (c) (3) tax status, meaning anyone donating to Odinsvin Kindred would have a tax deductible donation.

We are also attempting to purchase a tract of land, a few acres, in which to build a permanent Hof. Our goal is to raise enough money to not only build the Hof, but to build a caretakers cabin, 2 bunkhouses and a sacred grove. These facilities would be open to our members to and to other like minded Hearths or Kindreds. A small fee would be charged for the use of each bunk house to cover the costs of electricity, water and gas, but we would also allow tents to be pitched on the site.

This is why Odinsvin Kindred was created.  But our goals go further than that:

To quote Heimgest DCG of the Odinic Rite ( www.odinic-rite.org ) 
"There is nothing that more clearly defines a Folk's Identity, than its natural religion. The organic religion of any Folk will define their identity and encapsulate the potential of that folk group more than anything else...Not only does a Folks Religion, its myth illuminate their past heritage, it also acts as a beacon for the Present and a guiding light for the future"

We seek the reestablishment of the traditional Northern European Religion for those of Northern European descent. We do not push our religion on anyone and we do not go door to door. If someone is interested we will attempt to explain our views and point them to other organizations of interest. We hope to soon be publishing our own booklets when the funds are available (as another means to raise money for the Hof). We are not haters of other religions, we believe that each folk has their own natural religion that they need to find, these religions just are not our natural religions. Many cultures have kept their natural religions and they are better off for it. Crime is lower in those countries, education is better, etc. We seek to do the same for the Northern Europeans.

To quote another source from the Odinic Rite, Wulfstan OR in his book Odinism in the Modern World:
"In the past the natural religion of different nations reflected the unique quality of the collective unconscious of a particular people.  It was only with the advent of Christianity that a destructive process began, which sought to force everyone into a religious straitjacket.  Whole nations were cut off from their spiritual heritage with disastrous results.  If we go back to the pre-Christian era we can see that the religious feeling evolved as a result of the conditions in which people found themselves...As far as we are aware, mankind has always been divided up into separate communities who experience life, and respond to life, in different ways; and who in many situations are obliged to compete with one another."

We wish to see the reestablishment of a Heathen based community. This community may not all be based in the same geographic location but will share the same goal in its heart and mind.

Hail the Holy Aesir and Vanir  --
Odinsvin Kindred