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Posted by Vithur Odinson on February 13, 2010 at 2:32 PM

"The concept of the Theod, a community of people bound together with close ties of kinship, comprising individuals who respect one another and who are prepared to make sacrifices if necessary for the walfare of society as a whole."[1]


The members of this community need not be in close geographic proximity to one another as long as their actions work towards the benefit of society and of Odins Holy Nation.


"The welfare of the Theod is the criterion which should determine the attitudes and actions of the individual."[2]


How can this be done? By every Odinist working within their own local communities on any number of projects. One example is area beautifacation and trash clean-ups. Attend these events as a representative of your faith and your folk. I know that personally in my area there are numerous beautifacation projects such as flower planting on road mediums and in community parks and you will always find us there proudly wearing our Odinsvin Kindred shirts with our literature close at hand for any who ask. I've also heard of one Odinic Rite ( www.odinic-rite.org ) Hearth who participated in a run for cancer proudly wearing their OR shirts.


One thing to remember as a representative of Odins Holy Nation is:

"First and foremost, when you are part of something larger than yourself, you have to accept this and embrace it, for you can no longer consider yourself alone. This means that what you do reflects upon others in your group...If you, as their representative (which all members are), make yourself look bad, you make everyone connected to you look bad, and vice versa. This is a responsibility that you have to them, which you must not take lightly."[3]


In other words your actions, both physical and verbal not only form the basis from which others form their impression of you personally, but the impression that they form of other Odinists and Odinism as a whole.


Imagine a web of like minded individuals of Northern European stock spread across the globe each working to better their own local communities while at the same time spreading their faith and building the global Odinist community.


"Take joy in the joy of our friends and families and share their sorrow. Protect life and that which is good."[4]


Hail the Holy Aesir and Vanir,

Odinsvin Kindred


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