Odinsvin Kindred

Michigan Asatru
Heathens in Metro-Detroit

Our Beliefs

We are followers of the indigenious religion of the Northern European people known by some as Asatru.  The word Asatru translates to "Faith in the Aesir", the Aesir being one of the two branches of our Gods and Goddess, the other being the Vanir.  Though we choose to use the term Heathenry, Odin being the foremost in the Pantheon of our Gods.  Odin is the All-Father, the creator of the world and man.  In addition to Heathenry and Asatru the religion is sometimes known as Odinism, Heathenism, Norse Paganism, Theodism, among others (though practioners of the religion under any of these names all worship the same Gods there may be slight differences in the practices of each).

 Though we don't know what the religion was called thousands of years ago, or if our ancestors even had a name for their beliefs, we do know that it existed through archeological evidence and the later written accounts many of which had been passed down orally for generations.  We are trying, to the best of our abilities, to recreate the practices, customs and traditions of our ancestors through the interpretation of this archeological evidence and these historical accounts.  Our beliefs predate that of Christianity and our ancestors fought the conversion.  Even after they were forced to convert many continued to worship the Old Gods in secret and passed on the stories in folktales.

What Asatru is not is a racist doctrine, though many of the uninformed claim it is.  It is an ethnic or cultural tradition.  We believe that being the faith of our ancestors that it is in our blood.  It is in the collected unconcious of those of us of Northern European stock.  It is our belief that every ethnic group has their own tribal faith, their own tribal Gods.  You can still see this today in areas that were not forced to convert to Christianity at the tip of a sword ; it is the Hindu religion of India, The Buddhist paths of Tibet and China, Shinto in Japan and the Native American tradition here at home.  The people of these faiths know who they are because they have not forgotten who it is that they came from, who they were.  We only seek to revive this in our own people by reintroducing them to who they were, the things our ancestors accomplished and the traditions of the ancestors.